FatFonts is a graphical technique conceived and developed by Miguel NacentaUta Hinrichs, and Sheelagh Carpendale. For a more detailed description of the technique and how to use it, click here, in the image below, or go to FatFonts in the menu.


Below are news related to the FatFonts project.

FatFonts Player

A cool experiment using FatFonts by Santiago Ortiz, the FatFonts Player:


FatFonts – one of 45 ways to communicate two quantities

Santiago Ortiz discusses FatFonts in his lovely article on “45 Ways to Communicate Two Quantities” on visual.ly

In his article, Ortiz sets out to “find all possible ways to visualize a small data set of two numbers”. He ends up exploring 45 visual representations – FatFonts is one of them (#45). The article stimulates an interesting discussion about scalability, context and possibilities to combine different visual representations.

FatFonts featured in the Calgary Herald

FatFonts have been featured in the Calgary Herald and, a bit earlier, on UofC today.

FatFonts on Wired.co.uk

FatFonts have been featured on Wired.co.uk.

FatFonts on FastCompany

FatFonts are featured on FastCompany’s blog on business + innovation + design.

FatFonts featured on Calculated Images

FatFonts are featured on Calculated Images, a blog by Richard Wheeler, who helped us convert some of our FatFont types into regular font files. Thanks again, Richard!

FatFonts on infosthetics.com

FatFonts are featured on infosthetics.com, Andrew Vande Moere’s blog on information aesthetics.

FatFonts now available as .otf and .ttf files

WordWindowFatFontsWith the help of Richard Wheeler, we have created regular FatFont font files that you can install on your computer.

Please, check the new downloads page, and the instructions on how to use them.

NewScientist Article

FatFonts has been featured in the New Scientist (Issue 2863)!

FatFonts at AVI’12

Our detailed paper on FatFonts will be presented at AVI’12 (Advanced Visual Interfaces) in Capri, Italy