Some of the FatFont types are available for download as regular font files (.otf/.ttf) and/or svg. Please follow the instructions on how to install FatFonts as regular font files or how to use the svg files.

If you create your own FatFont, please let us know and we can add yours to the table. Many thanks to Richard Wheeler for his help with transforming FatFonts into regular font files and with the instructions on how to install them.


by U. Hinrichs & M. Nacenta; converted by R. Wheeler

Miguta .otf | .svg | example


by U. Hinrichs; converted by M. Nacenta & R. Wheeler

Rotunda .otf | .svg | example


by R. Wheeler

7Segments .otf | example


by U. Hinrichs

Cubica .svg


by U. Hinrichs

Gracilia .svg

You are free to make use of these fonts as stipulated by the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Creative Commons License

We ask that you mention somewhere in your derived product (if you can). For example, in a comment in your code, or in a small note in a poster. If you are doing interesting work that uses FatFonts, we would like to know!

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